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Bearing Series Brand Stock Price Order
CX1055 AIRTEX 455
CX1054 AIRTEX 425
CX1313C AIRTEX 396
CX1137C AIRTEX 392
CX1104 AIRTEX 391
CX1326C AIRTEX 384
CX1345C AIRTEX 324
CX1116 AIRTEX 322
CX1316C AIRTEX 313
CX1343C AIRTEX 292
CX1178C AIRTEX 287
CX1310C AIRTEX 265
CX1072 AIRTEX 227
CX1082 AIRTEX 194
CX1341C AIRTEX 162
CX1331C AIRTEX 160
CX1337C AIRTEX 149
CX1088C AIRTEX 124
CX1097 AIRTEX 123
CX1081 AIRTEX 112
CX1087 AIRTEX 79

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